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Finding a dead, decomposing animal in your home can be disturbing on many levels. Small animals such as rodents, raccoons and squirrels tend to sneak into your homes in search of food, warmth and shelter. Sometimes they get sick, get trapped and can’t find their way out, often dying at places that are hard to access. You might not even notice that putrid smell right away until the dead animal carcass begins to rot and decompose, giving off a horrific smell that can linger on for days, weeks and even months. The odor continues to grow stronger and fades only when the body dries up.

At Budget Odor Removal, we have the experience of providing dead animal deodorization services. And as experienced professionals, let us tell you that spraying any amount of air freshener will not help unless you have located and removed the animal carcass. We use the best odor removal products that will not mask the stench but trap the odor producing particles. Decomposing bodies of dead animals can be a source of disease-causing bacteria and it is important to avoid direct contact with the dead body or its bodily fluids to avoid contacting any disease. If you need help neutralizing the dead animal smell, call Budget Odor Removal at 972-855-8282.

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